Thursday, July 8, 2010

An LBN Anniversary

A year ago today I sat down and wrote about an experience I had at a grocery store and released it on a blog I called Life Between Naps. Since then I have written and placed many more of my experiences as a full-time, unemployed, stay-at-home dad here, there and everywhere else I could. To my surprise LBN got pretty popular, acquired many fans, was on the radio and slowly a following was born. Thanks to all my friends, family and loyal followers LBN has become the 97,546 most popular blog about parenting on the web. With a few more hits I'll pass the blog about The farting Cats of Myanmar... My dreams are finally coming true.

I still have high hopes that one day a celebrity other than Oprah, Ellen, Rachel Ray and to my utter amazement Tyra (all of whom have failed to respond to my stalking tactics with anything more than threatening letters, stupid lawyer talk and a one time shot of pepper spray) will endorse my writing invite me on their show and surprise me with a car, a house, a job or pay off my student loans. Alas,I might have to actually do this fame thing on my own. So as I get ready to unleash a second year of LBN on the world. I'll give you the original, unedited, updated and newly proofread version of the story that started it all. It's bigger, better and basically a stall tactic until I get my newest story finished. Thank you all for being fans.


  1. Congratulations, Jim. A wonderful achievement. Still love your blog.

  2. I laugh out loud as I read your posts! You are a modern day James Thurber!!! A major compliment!! Keep writing...and entertaining all of us!! A faithful reader!

  3. all the daddies can see what the mommies put up with..

  4. This anniversary post gives us 2 reasons to keep loving LBN:

    "I hate using public bathrooms; nothing good ever happens in there."


    "For reasons beyond my control, I begin to cry uncontrollably."


  5. Happened to me just the other day at Target with my one year old. Except it wasn't a single restroom, and another customer came in and said, "Eww!! What IS that?!?"

  6. I was laughing so hard by the time I got to the bathroom section that I had a hard time finishing. I'm pregnant with my first and am sure there are plenty of adventures ahead- potty related and otherwise.