Thursday, January 21, 2010

UPDATE: 2010

Hey Everyone-

We're sick! We're not dead (stupid wikipedia). Between dodging speeding phlegm-bits and uncrusting snot covered nostrils, I've been working hard to get LBN crusin' into the new year, unfortunately a run of sleepless nights and the emergence of a new tooth have definitely slowed the creative process a tad. However, I'm hopeful that LBN will have a new post before Monday, if not sooner.

Anyway, I really wanted to thank all of you for continuing to follow and spread the LBN word for the last 6 months. The more fans/readers LBN has, the better our odds are at getting noticed by someone who wants to turn this into a book, column, reality TV show, made for TV movie, comic, calendar, animated Pixar film, video game or snack cake. So please continue to do whatever it is you're doing that has us closing in on 10,000 hits, 400 fans and a ton of positive feedback. I'm optimistic that one of the many literary agents who have been bombarded by my poorly written submission letters will eventually write back and say that my dream of turning this into any sort of income, book or other are completely absurd and it will never-ever happen. At least that way, I'll know that they read it. Thanks and see you soon.



  1. hey man, I like your blog!
    Keep the posts coming!

    I had a blog, wrote in it a couple of times, and then it kinda died on me...I mean I let it die. But my wife writes, and she turned me onto your blog.


  2. I have laughed out loud many times reading your are such a talented writer..and having two adorable little muses certainly adds to the entertainment! Keep on writing- - definitely could be a book in the making!!!

  3. Thanks for the motivation Buzi, I'm trying to pump them as fast as the girls allow. Ellen I hope to keep you laughing well into 2010. Thank you both for reading.