Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Artificial Compromise

This has been rewritten and edited for your viewing pleasure. It can be found in the soon to be released book Life Between Naps. Link and info coming November 2015.


  1. love it! as always. :)

    "I was led to a place where good trees go to die. A chain link oasis of pathetically dried up twigs, bundled in equally pathetic plastic fish-net stockings." beautiful!!

    also, i wouldn't worry about not being able to fly. spidey couldn't fly. batman couldn't fly. You've got the one thing that every superhero has: AWESOMENESS!! and that will get your far in the superhero world. :)

  2. That is truly hilarious. You do need a picture of the tree though.

    We HAVE always chopped our trees down in the woods. And we usually have hilarious stories to go with them. The time my husbands bow saw "popped" and sliced his finger to the bone, the tree covered in little tiny black bugs, the tree that fell over, the tree with TWO trunks (that we didn't see because it was chopped down in a blizzard), trees with bird nests, trees with praying mantis cocoons ... See the horrors you were saved by NOT chopping down a tree?!?!? :-)

  3. It is after Christmas and I have just had the best Christmas laugh ever, Jim I can picture the two of you and your tree, and remember when I took grandpa to a a parking lot where they spayed the trees green, and making him look at every single tree before we found that special one, let me tell you this grandpa feels your misery with the christmas tree hunt, and he is laughing his butt off because of your adventure. Thank you again for the laugh and bringing back my memories

  4. oh my goodness - laughing uncontrollably as usual