Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yet Another Update.

Sooooooo..... Here's the latest news from LBN. Some of you might have heard that LBN has been asked to join a new website. It's a parenting magazine here in Chicago callled Chicago Parent, so starting October 12th I will be posting (the same stuff) on both sites for about 6 weeks, then I hope to move full-time over to CP. Eventually I'll link the new address to my original blogspot page so that everyone can click over, and no one will miss a beat when the time comes. This is a huge opportunity for LBN to get more exposure and gather more fans, in my quest to gain national fame and aquire health insurance. On the other end of the spectrum, the $20a week allowance from Cath is really like $12 when you add the taxes in Chicago. My frequent requests for a pay raise has continued to go unanswered, I'm just sayin.

Other quick things and thoughts....

- My ass which was injured via irony and gravity (explained in last weeks post) is still broke.
- Ruby is just about ready to walk.
- LBN has a Fan Page on FaceBook, you should join.
- I watched Destination Truth last night and it further confirmed my belief in aliens and sea monsters.
- 3 times this week I've found Ruby sitting on top of things (the coffee table, the kitchen table and the bed) without any explaination of how she could have possibly achieved these heights. My theroy is there's a crazy Carol Ann poltergiest thing happening. I told Cath that the moment she starts sliding across the floor unwillingly, I'm calling Craig T. Nelson. Her response was that "Ahhhhh, Poltergiest was just a movie and I doubt you'd find him. Second, he's an actor, not a Priest." I told her, that if she didn't think that Craig T. "The Coach" Nelson could rid a house of ghost, she was delusional.
-Finally, I've reconsidered who should play me in the Lifetime Original movie "Life Between Naps." Steve Guttenberg is out, Scott Baio is in.



  1. I'm not seeing Scott Baio as the right choice.

  2. Maybe Willie Ames? I just saw Zapped!

  3. If The Coach can't do it, no one can!