Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another UPDATE!

Soooooo..... LBN will be taking a break until the next story is done. Pretty vague right? I know, I know... what will you spend your hours of down time at work reading? Well, you could reintroduce yourself to the blog that will soon be a major motion picture! That is of course whenever Hollywood calls (as a side note, you can't just call "Hollywood" and say "Hey I have a blog, I want you to turn it into a movie). But I was persistant and I had a few perameters that probably hurt my chances. First I thought my "project" would benefit greatly if they could get either David Schwimmer or Clint Eastwood to direct it. I have also put together a list of actors who I thought would be perfect for these roles:

Jim - Steve Guttenburg
Lucy - Seth Green or the girl from Little Miss Sunshine
Ruby - The guy who played Gollum in the Lord of the Rings (Yes, Ruby will be CGI!)
Cath - Mila Jovovich
Jewel Employee - Seth Green or Tobey Maguire or Larry the Cable Guy
Homeless Santa - Ron Pearlman, period!
The No Panty Nanny - Melissa Rivers
The Fly - Cuba Gooding Jr. or Henry Winkler
The Little Blue Men - Bell Biv Devoe
Jim as Joey Fatone - Keeanu Reeves
Pigeon - Elmo voiced by Kathy Griffen
and finally all poop will be played by slightly melted Kit-Kat bars.

As awesome as all this sounds, Hollywood is kinda draggin' their feet, so who knows. The good thing is, if that don't work out, you can all read about my adventures in the soon to be published book "Life Between Naps." That's right, you heard it here first, my blog will be published as soon as I can acquire an agent who can get me a deal....... Blah.

So anyway, I'm around and working hard on a new season of stories with all new experiences and characters. Soon to be memorable characters like: lady at the store, waitress, Doctor, Jehovah witnesses, fat man, woodpecker and the voice of God. Thanks again for all the support. So catch up on all the stories you've missed and I start the new season shortly (probably Monday).

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  1. Can Molly Ringwald play me if I ever make an appearance? Mary Kate and Ashley will of course play my gals...or two disheveled Cabbage Patch Dolls would work too.